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Jackson Lake Dam…

I spent a little time at the dam the other day, and found it a bit more entertaining that I had expected.  I was in it for the scenery until I saw the kayaker across the river getting ready to put his kayak into the water.  I looked at the current coming off of the dam and wondered how he’d get back to where he put in if he had to paddle back upstream.  Then I noticed the paddle boarders getting ready to do the same thing.07-28-20damside07-28-20dambush07-28-20dampaddleboarders07-28-20didtheyeverreturn

I was singing to myself as I watched them float away, “Well did they ever return, no they never returned, and their fate is still un-learned”, but that’s just me.  I’m sure they got back just fine.


I always try to get photos of bees on the flowers and to be honest there weren’t a lot of bees to be seen on this trip.  Plenty of flowers, but not many bees.  So when I went to save this photo I called it the ‘dam bees’.  Which led to the ‘dam paddle boarders’, you get the picture.  This is what happens when you spend so much time in your own head…

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