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Back to the Tetons…

Not actually back to the Tetons, just diving back into the photos on my phone.  I love the feature photo.  More often I saw hills to the east, that light green color mostly, with those dark evergreens following the contours of the land.  Here that color looks amazing with the mountains beyond.  There was an amazing view every time I went out to see what I could see.

Along with all the wild flowers I was surprised to see along the trails, I also enjoyed my cousin’s yard and deck where her green thumb is readily apparent.  I would love for my house to look as charming as hers does, but I’m afraid that I could never put in the work to keep it looking that way.  When I was talking to another photographer about tripods and lenses he said that I need a sherpa to carry my stuff around for me, LOL, I agreed.  For my yard to look as nice as my cousin’s does I’d need a gardener to keep it alive.  I came home determined to make some improvements to the curb appeal of my house, but I’m sitting here talking about it instead of doing something about it.  Maybe I’ll get around to it one of these days…


On at least on occasion a moose has dropped in to enjoy this view also, and to graze through the herb garden, but not while I was there…

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