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Finally, Florida photo ops…

Ignoring the heat and the threat of storms, my friends and I were able to go out for photo ops today.   Florida style, which means I saw a very photogenic Ibis, 08-16-20ibis

A reddish egret, which hasn’t been a common sight in my experience.08-16-20reddish2A snowy egret with it’s golden slippers08-16-20snowyegret

A Great White heron,08-16-20whiteegret

Turtles and crabs.  Crabs!  I am reminded of how long it’s been since I’ve had steamed crabs.  Charley used to get a kick out of how much I loved steamed crabs, possibly more than he did and he was the Baltimore native.  Next time I get back to MD I will have to fix that.08-16-20turtle08-16-20crabs

And I got a lesson in Mangrove propagation while we were out.  Seems these ‘seeds’ (they probably have a fancier name than that), drop into the water and float until they get stuck in muck, where they then take root and grow into new mangrove trees.08-16-20mangrovebabies

People were out enjoying the beaches, but we kept our distance.  08-16-20howardpark08-16-20bridge

It was good to be out with friends, even on a Florida summer day…

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