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A beautiful morning…

When you finally wake up to a morning without the threat of immanent thunderstorms you quickly figure out somewhere to go to get out and enjoy it. For me it was John Chestnut Park, a place that I always feel like I can count on for wildlife, even if it’s just little birds and squirrels. It’s a pretty park, I love the stone and wood structures, even if they are just picnic pavilions or rest rooms.

But on this day the wildest wildlife happened to be the people out playing on the water. I guess I wasn’t the only one wanting to get out and enjoy the weather.

That water skier was some serious eye candy, but this little guy was pretty darned cute too.

I also found a butterfly section that I hadn’t seen before. No butterflies though, only a couple of very big bees landing on little purple flowers and then waving in the breeze making getting a photo next to impossible. But I had to try.

Eventually I moved on to Anclote River park, where I found a lawn blooming with morning glories. That’s the feature photo, if I ever manage to figure out how to add a feature photo to this post. And an Osprey on the hunt.

My last stop was just up the road at Anclote Gulf park where I had a nice chat with another photographer. It was very low tide, and we were both surprised to see white shapes in the shallow water, lots of them. At first I thought manatees, and then it dawned on me that they were stingrays. I hadn’t seen them there before, or at all really. Plus a little blue heron and a limpkin, shaking his booty.

As I’m writing this post I’m hearing thunder. I’m glad I got out when I did!

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