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Aripeka redux…

On my way home from Cedar Lakes Woods the other day I happened to notice the turn off for Aripeka. I hadn’t thought of going there for the sunrise since I got back from the Tetons. It wasn’t the 6 months away that I first imagined when I began to think of myself as a snowbird, but you’d think I was away that long for how thoroughly my mind has remained somewhere in limbo since I got back. But when I checked the weather yesterday morning and rain was a possibility for all afternoon into Sunday off I went for the sunrise. The feature photo was my first stop, the first bridge that I arrive at when I approach Aripeka from the south. It was still dark so the three exposures for HDR seemed to take forever to finish, but that first shot is the feature photo. You should have heard the splash under the bridge as I stood there on top, waiting for the last exposure. It must have been a big fish, but at least I don’t still imagine an alligator that might, in my mind at least, creep up on me on the bridge and gnaw off my foot.

I then moved just up the road to the next bridge, where I can never resist taking an HDR photo of the little bait shop. Plus the possibility of seeing One-Foot Fred dawned on me also.

I moved back and forth across the bridge, loving the pretty sunrise and the reflections on the west wide of the road. I must have been lost in thought because the voice surprised me when I heard someone say that I could get a shot of One-Foot Fred. It was Ray, the guy I’ve talked with before, who said that Fred had followed him over to the bridge. I was happy to see Fred again, and it’s nice to have someone to chat with as well. Ray told me of a new spot to go for sunset pictures, and said the if anyone gives me a hard time for parking there I could say that I have permission, from Ray. LOL. I will check it out one day soon.

Ray said that Fredhad followed him to the bridge, and he would follow him home also, so I stopped by my car and shot long distance photos as he walked away. Use your imagination because, just as predicted, Fred is following him, he’s that gray blur just to the left of the telephone pole. Must have been time for breakfast…

2 thoughts on “Aripeka redux…”

  1. The colors in the sky, reflected in the water, are mesmerizing… And what’s the (painful?) story with one foot Fred? Maybe I need to read more of your beautiful blog posts to find out…

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