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The birds…

Getting out for the sunrise has been a bit more of a challenge lately because I haven’t been getting up as early as I used to. But on this particular morning a palmetto bug walked on my leg at 4 AM, and sleep was out of the question after that. And since it wasn’t raining I headed out. I’ve said it before, as I stand on the bridge over-looking the river I’m always amazed to see this flock of birds flying in. They circle and they circle, and I know that they will eventually land, en masse, on the wires across the street. They arrive like clockwork every time I’m there for the sunrise, operating as a unit, suddenly lifting into the air and then settling back onto the wires. With the sunrise being disappointing I concentrated on picture after picture of the birds, because I kept hoping they would circle in front of the sunrise colors that were lighting up the clouds on the west side of the street. The sunrise itself started out quite promising, but quickly fizzled out. But the clouds across the street just got prettier and prettier.

It’s the first day of a challenge from my photography club, to post a picture a day, and with the rainy weather on the horizon that may not be the easiest challenge to meet. But so far so good.

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