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In search of eagles…

I had heard that the eagles had returned to the area of the nest I like to visit, and the morning sky was pretty, so I decided to see if I could spot them. But no, I didn’t see eagles, but I did find a few photo ops in my travels.

It seems that our weather may have taken a turn for the better, read cooler. Whew! Which is good news because I hear the bluebirds have been hanging around lately, and there may be a family of ducks at the little pond, so I will have no excuse to be staying home so much. Our governor has declared us to be in stage three of getting back to normal after COVID. Businesses can reopen without restrictions, or something like that. I will be picky about what I do, and I will wear a mask when I’m in a store, but I have to admit that it will be great to be out more…

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