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That morning light…

All the dark clouds were discouraging, but my destination was the little pond a few minutes from my house so I didn’t let that stop me. And pulling over into the tall weeds at the side of the road gave me pause also. I had a tick on me after being there one morning, but I had chalked that up to a hike the day before, and the houses with their lights on looked pretty, so I got out and took a photo (or five). You wouldn’t know it by the feature photo, but it was dark as I took that first picture, and I heard rustling, but since I figured that ticks don’t make noises while stalking you I wasn’t too worried. And I was surprised when I saw the picture. After that those ducks seemed to follow me as I repositioned myself three different times while I tried to figure out just exactly where the sun was going to come up. I had to park on the opposite side of the pond as it turned out, and the homeowners on that side had apparently mowed the grass at the edge of the pond. A nice surprise. And a pretty sunrise.

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