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Hunting for ducklings…

After the sunrise I decided to swing by the pond in my community to look for the family of ducklings I had heard about. There were 13 to start with, and they were down to 9, so I wanted to see them soon. I’m jealous of my photographer friends who can, sometimes literally, sit on their patios and take gorgeous sunrise and sunset photos. Lovely views come with higher prices I’m sure, so it’s a trade off, but when I hear of a photo op that’s so close to home it’s a treat and I don’t want to miss it.

But someone else was also watching the pond along with me. An osprey up in the tree on the right hand side. I nearly missed seeing him at all. Was he looking for the ducklings also? I had to google it to know for sure, and found out that they eat 99% fish, but small animals and birds are also possible. So maybe I was happy that the duck family wasn’t there. And I was happy to see the osprey take to the air, but mostly for the photo ops…

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