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Low tide…

I wanted to go back to Green Key beach, or more correctly, the road to the beach, when low tide came around again. Low tide lets you walk out onto the wet sand to improve your view of the sunrise, which in reality is rising almost straight back down the road you drove in on. Low tide also leaves you lots of seaweed and debris that feels creepy underfoot as you walk out toward the water in the dark. And after you stand and take several pictures and then decide to cross the road and see if the view is better on the other side the wet sand holds your shoes, reluctant to let them go. Thankfully I’ve learned not to go shooting in flip flops anymore.

To my surprise, a little before sunrise someone came down the road and opened the gates that allow you to drive to the end of the road to the actual beach, so I jumped in the car thinking the view would be better from the beach. Perfect even. But no, there was foliage blocking the view totally, so I returned to the spot I’d just left. And the sunrise was prettier than I expected, shot from the opposite side of the road. Only a spoonbill appearance would have improved the day…

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