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Moon over Aripeka…

It was the moon that got me out this morning. Friends of mine have found great spots to photograph the moon set and/or the moon rise over the Tampa skyline, but I haven’t ventured out to try it myself yet. I confess that I didn’t know that that was even a thing until I saw their photos, which are amazing. So this morning I checked to see where the almost full moon was in the sky before sunrise, and decided that it would be over the scene I enjoy in Aripeka. Of course I hoped it would look bigger, and hang lower, and that some sunrise color would be present in the sky, but I suppose that was a lot to ask. I didn’t even see Fred this morning. But the chill in the air plus the breeze meant that there were no bugs out this morning, so that was a plus.

I was hopeful when I saw the moon hanging over the scene from the first bridge I got to. I left the telephone wire with the fishing line in the upper right corner of the photo to show the reality of the place. The feature photos is the sunrise from that same bridge.
I have gotten to this bridge and found the moon was disappearing behind the trees also. In my mind I expected it to look bigger.

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