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Happy Thanksgiving…

This year I’m especially thankful for family and friends to help us all survive this most unusual year. I’m also grateful to be on my way to solving the computer issues that have laid me low the last couple of weeks. I’m on a better, and definitely BIGGER, computer, but believe it or not I’m still needing more computer power to be fully up and running. That would be a crisis if not for the fact that this computer can be upgraded, 32 GB of memory are on the way as I type. Supposedly I can install it myself, but that remains to be seen. I have to thank my photography friends for the advice and technical help that’s gotten me this far.

After a weekend of taking pictures the ones that appealed to me today were the ones with people in them. People out enjoying the beautiful weather, people being together. It wasn’t too crowded, just enough to remind me what ‘normal’ feels like. And that was a good thing. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!