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Largo Central Park…

We wandered to a park that was new to us last weekend, Largo Central Park. It proved to be a very nice place to walk along the Boardwalk and trail, and I was happy to see a variety of birds present. I hadn’t been seeing them lately so I’m hoping that maybe they are returning to the area. And butterflies, and even fall leaves. Yes, in Florida!

But I think the most fun to see were the river otters. We first saw them across the water on the bank, but then they got into the water and swam to the other side which gave us a much better chance of getting photographs. They looked as if they were having fun, maybe even more fun than we were having just watching them. For some reason I remembered the book “Wind in the Willows”, which we read in the 4th grade as our introduction to reading books without pictures. Most of my memories of childhood seem fuzzy, but I remember that so clearly. Maybe I’ll see if I can find that book at the library…

This is only a first phase of this park, according to the signage there is lots more to come. Nice spot for a walk on a beautiful day…

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