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The day after…

I got to Green Key Beach early, before much color was in the sky. But it was low tide, I knew that because I checked the Tides App when I was trying to decide where to go on this morning after Thanksgiving. I knew that I would be able to walk out onto the sand to view the sunrise, and also across the road the sky would be pretty and the wading birds would be loving low tide. So I had done my homework, I was in the right place at the right time, but when I went to get my camera out of the car it wasn’t there. That wasn’t totally heartbreaking since I had my phone, but I wasn’t happy with myself. But there was a kayaker setting out for a paddle so I started taking pictures.

And the color starting rising with the sun.

And across the street the sky was becoming amazing. Birds were calling, but without the camera with it’s zoom lens I wasn’t able to capture them.

I was the first person there, but boaters and fishermen were arriving. And a paddle boarder, with his dog Layla, who obeyed his command to stay while he got the rest of his equipment.

Just as the paddle boarder paddled away my boater friend returned to his boat with his bucket which he had forgotten, and I knew that I had to wait for him to pull away before I could leave. I knew that that was going to be my favorite shot of the day. And it was.

And on the way home I remembered that when I loaded the car with things to bring to my son’s house the day before I had put everything in the back compartment of the car. So I had my camera with me the whole time…

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