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Birds on the beach…

Among my recent adventures was another trip to the Seacoast Seabird Sanctuary. We were nearby and my friend hadn’t yet had a chance to go there, so off we went. It is fun to see birds up close, especially knowing that these birds aren’t able to live in the wild for one reason or another. There is beach access from the sanctuary, and as you can see the summer crowds are gone, and perhaps the influx of winter visitors will also be fewer this year. Conversation yesterday revealed that lots of people don’t expect much improvement in the COVID-19 situation in 2021, which I hope is an exaggeration but I suspect it may be true. The lack of tourists might make for nice photos, but our economy is suffering. I’m sure that we will make it through this, but for now we just have to plod along. And mask up.

They sky has been dramatic lately, prettier than the camera wants to see it in these pictures. I love to see sky reflected in the water. And a butterfly, because it was there…

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