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Gardens and bridges and dancers, oh my!

I had my doubts about what there would be to see at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens in November. And yes I took lots of pictures of flowers, but they weren’t anything I couldn’t have taken any time, even in my local Publix. I may have been spoiled after having been to Heritage Village in Sandwich, MA during a summer visit. Nothing I’ve ever seen has compared to that for sheer numbers of flowers. So I deleted those pictures once I got to the ones we had taken on the trails in the garden. Now walking those trails was quite a different experience from any botanical garden I’d ever been to before.

Again we were climbing up and down, and I for one was ready to sit on a bench and enjoy the view of this red bridge we spotted. Maybe we could wait for people to walk across it, but when they did we were disappointed, some faced away from us, and no one stopped for a kiss right at the top of the bridge. Of course we could have hollered out our suggestions, but we controlled ourselves.

As we continued to sit on that bench a group of young people came into view. Betty had spotted them before because of their dazzling white shoes. They were dressed alike also, and we said that we should get them to walk over the bridge with those shoes. But they did better than that, they began to dance.

I thought that someone was filming them and I so wanted to suggest that they cross that bridge and perform for the camera, by that I mean our camera, but I didn’t. They never seemed to notice that red bridge just to the right of where they were dancing. And one last person crossed the bridge, dressed in red as Betty pointed out, so we took a last picture and went on our way.

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