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Dark skies…

A few days after Thanksgiving I sat back in the recliner with my coffee and noticed out the sliver of window between the sheers and the valance that there was a big, round moon hanging low out there. That was all it took to send me racing to Aripeka to try to see it hanging low over the houses in the west as the sun came up. I didn’t rush fast enough I guess, because it was gone when I got there. Which left me time to kill before catching the sunrise at Bayport.

As soon as I arrived at Bayport I set the camera to take a set of three exposures intending to turn them into an HDR photo. But as the camera began taking the first of the three long exposures a boat came up the inlet right through my shot. Resulting in this photo.

That sent me down the rabbit hole of taking lots of shots of boats traveling through my shots. They were all awful, in fact most of my shots that morning weren’t great. The sky stayed gloomy and my shots were all dark. But I’ll be out again soon I’m sure.