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Just another day…

The feature photo is the last picture I took on Tuesday morning. By the time I took it I was freezing. Forty-two degrees might be a warm spell to some, but to me these days it’s pretty darned cold. I had stubbornly stuck with it, even though I suspected that this sunrise wasn’t going to be much to look at. This is the first shot I took as soon as I got to the bridge, when I thought I’d cut it too close and would only have 10 or so minutes to get some photos. It actually took a half hour for the sun to show it’s face.

But nothing much happened as I stood and watched, and moved from one end of the bridge to the other because I couldn’t tell exactly where the sun would, eventually, put in an appearance.

And that’s it, that’s the whole story. Not every sunrise arrives with fireworks in the sky, and with gorgeous reflections in the water. Nope, sometimes the sun just comes up like it’s just another day, no big deal. I forgot that I have a heated steering wheel for my poor frozen hands until I was almost home. My mind was on the oatmeal I was going to make…

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