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Green Key…

While I was out yesterday I thought I might stop at Green Key Beach. Maybe it was low tide, maybe there would be some spoonbills wading if it was. And the day was so beautiful, warm, with clear blue skies. Winter in Florida at it’s best.

But the tide was high and I didn’t find the wading birds I hoped to see, but I heard a boat out there, and saw the nice light on the buildings in the distance. With the zoom lens I saw that the boats I though I saw out on the horizon were really structures on stilts.

At the beach I found Ruddy Turnstones, a fun little bird that sort of hops along the shore.

And someone was enjoying a nice splash.

And a lone willet, keeping himself company with his perfect reflection. Nature itself was quite lovely yesterday, it was the people with their noisy boats and loud music that disrupted things.