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Off to the races…

The question was, would I like to go watch a speed skating event and take some pictures? Of course I said yes, it was something new to do. Perhaps you, like me, imagined ice skating. Well, if you did you’d be wrong. It was inline skating and it’s not for the feint of heart, or light of wallet.

The boots, the wheels, the frame that holds the wheels, and the little gasket thingies that hold the wheel to the frame are all purchased separately. And then there are the uniforms to buy also. But there was much enthusiasm and good sportsmanship on display as racers of all ages took to the track.

I confess that we were out all day in the sun, and now I’m going through my 573 pictures while enjoying a glass (or possibly two, I’ve lost track) of egg nog. I will quit for now but here are the pictures I’ve gotten ready so far. You may notice that I seem to have discovered a favorite skater. He raced in the ‘over 25’ group, possibly way over 25. No, he didn’t win any of his races, but he didn’t come in last either. Just giving credit where credit is due…

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