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Low tide…

I think that what I’ve thought of as low tide may not have actually been low tide at all. Yesterday I was excited to see that low tide, according to my Tides app, was actually going to be at sunrise, or close enough. Of course the sunrise itself was on my mind, but wading birds and the potential to see spoonbills was what really sent me out the door at 6:45 AM. But my enthusiasm was quickly dashed. Low tide was lower than ‘usual’.

That’s rocks in the foreground, then spongy, wet sea grasses, then sand of varying degrees of wetness as far as the eye can see. If there were wading birds they must have been out at the actual shore, which was much further away from the road than I expected. So back and forth across the road I went, looking for birds on one side and hoping for more than a vague rosy glow at the horizon line on the other. I didn’t find either. I amused myself by taking pictures of birds flying over once I spotted their shadows on the water, but even those didn’t wind up to be much.

But the sun did come up on another beautiful day…

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