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All this laughing…

Charley used to quote his grandmother frequently, and one of his favorites was “All this laughing is going to end in a cry.” He would roll it out when the kids were having a lot of fun and getting a little wound up in the process. That didn’t come to mind while I was at the zoo taking pictures of the baby orangutans, but it sure did later when I was checking the photos out and remembering their antics and the reaction of the crowd as we watched. They had props, several tee shirts and a black sack of some kind, and watching them attempting to put on the tee shirts and putting the bag over their heads was hilarious. The humans were laughing anyhow, and as far as I could tell nobody cried.

I thought this last picture was a fitting way to say goodbye to a year that none of us would have believed was heading our way last new year. Turning the page feels especially good this year…

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