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iPhone photos…

There’s the camera and then there’s the iPhone. The 11 pro max to be exact. Not the latest, greatest iPhone any longer, but I have no complaints.

I hesitate to aim my camera at random people, but no one pays attention when you have your iPhone in your hands.
City pier very early.
Setting up the camera for a shot of the pier when I noticed my own shadow and took a picture with my phone. Good thing I did because they turned the lights out just after I took it. And the sunrise was totally grayed out this time.
Seems this orchid was hitching a ride on this tree right outside the condo door.
Willet wading…
More driftwood art.

It occurs to me now that going to Anna Maria City Pier for the sunset would also be a good idea. On top of a potentially gorgeous sunset you might also follow the suggestions on this sign have enjoy some shrimp and beer. Wherever you go, and no matter what you see and how many pictures you take, you always need to go back for more…

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