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Coffee anyone?

A good cup of coffee will start my day off right most days. I get up early just to sit and enjoy my coffee and check the computer to see the great pictures that have been posted from my photography groups online. But when I travel I will probably be out for the sunrise on a promising morning, and that will have me scouting for a nice place for a cup of coffee while it’s still fairly dim outside. When I’m away from home I hope for something different, something fun. I think I hit the jackpot on my recent trip to Anna Maria island. As you see in the feature photo, Ginny’s and Jane E’s would catch your eye as you drive past, and there were people milling about and cars parked nearby, which is always a good sign. I had time to kill, and the words ‘coffee’ and ‘bakery’ had me making a U-turn to check it out.

But as I walked through the door I was stopped in my tracks as my eyes adjusted to the colors and the chaos which had me forgetting about coffee for a few minutes.

This artwork is all done by Midge Pippel Art. Isn’t it great? You can find her on fineartamerica..com

Yes, I did eventually find the coffee, bottomless and very good, as well as lots to tempt me. And I returned again the next day and found the coffee to be just as good even if the sunrise hadn’t been as good the second day in a row. What a gem this whole area turned out to be, and only 2 hours from home…

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