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I think I’m the queen of brainstorms. Take the last few days for example. I had a brilliant idea about how to reduce the glare while I’m working on the computer in the afternoon, so I measured, incorrectly as it turned out, and ordered blinds for the window in question. Then I totally turned the room upside down, which is my first step in any home ‘improvement’ project, and then I figured out that it wasn’t going to work out after all. Then I had to put everything back as it was, which required my uncle to come rescue me when I couldn’t drill a new hole for a screw. I’ve always known I had a screw loose but I try to hide it. So a day of tearing this place apart, a day of procrastinating, and finally a day of putting things back together.

Another brilliant idea came when decided that I wanted to find a picture of stripes and use that as a background to see what it would look like through the lens ball. I googles images of stripes and then didn’t like the results, but it dawned on me to look at my own photos as a background, and that amused me for another day and a half. Most didn’t work, but a few did. So I guess I’m batting .500 for the last couple of days…

2 thoughts on “Brainstorms…”

    1. I think that was the first one I tried. I quickly discovered that not many of the pictures lent themselves to doing this, as much as I wished that they would. Still it’s fun, and it gets you to look at your pictures again. A photo expedition without leaving home.


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