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Racing to the races…

It was yet another day with no plan when I happened to look at my emails and saw that I was off the waiting list for the photo trip to Tampa Bay Downs and was now good to go. Only it was 10:15, too late to go was my first thought. Fifteen minutes later I was out the door and on my way. Because, well, why not? And I’m so glad I went, even though there are now three barriers between the track and the spectators, making shooting especially hard for short people, but the weather was good and the company was better. What a fun day!

Just start shooting…
Someone has a booboo…
Lots going on…
This is the photo I wanted to get. The finish line, the huge video screen, and the horse reaching the finish line by a nose. Except they were supposed to be racing in that ideal photo, but try as I might I missed that shot.
I loved this horse’s headgear, and his attitude.
A couple of us walked down to see the horses burst out of the gate. And there he was, my guy in his headgear!
Getting the hooves off the ground is a goal for this type of shoot, or so I’d been told. So when I saw #8’s hooves in this photo I decided that he deserved an A for effort. Now I was rooting for two horses in this race.
And there they both are, and they tried, but neither one won…
Here’s a winner…
The last race I stayed for was a turf race, a little more distance from where we stood, so this was as close as I came to getting all four hooves off the ground at the same time…
Looks like someone was happy with this race, but it’s just a random thumb, I have no idea who it belongs to.

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