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Dunedin sunset…

I’ve had in mind to go to Dunedin for the sunset for a few days now. I can easily talk myself out of it though, it is a bit of a drive, but then I remembered that in a couple of weeks sunset will be an hour later and then it’ll really seem too late to be out. It turned out to be a nicer sunset than I expected, in spite of the old guy on a recumbent bike who stopped and just looked at me with my camera. Finally he informed that that there was nothing to take pictures of right then. Then he wanted to know what lens I was using and he poo-poo’d my 18-400, and then he had to hold out his arms to show me how big his was, lens that is. His parting shot was that I don’t look like I live here because I’m too white. Guess I was batting 1000 with that guy, which was fine since he wasn’t doing any better with me.

After watching two pelicans working in unison, taking off, turning and planning their dive, and then hitting the water in total synchronization, I finally started to take some pictures of them. I hadn’t ever seen this behavior before, but they repeated it at least a dozen times. Tough pictures in that light but it was fun to watch them.

I was walking to onto the pier hoping to get the flag in the sunset, then I saw that someone else had the same idea and liked that shot better. Nice night…

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