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The Usual Suspects…

No, I didn’t see any painted buntings yesterday. I was at Circle B Bar Reserve later than usual and I think it may have been nap time for a lot of the usual suspects. It was a very nice day to be out however, so I enjoyed my day. Tomorrow I’ll probably see another photographer’s photo of a painted bunting taken on Friday, but that’s okay. One of these days it will be my turn.

Yes, there were quite a few anhingas, but not as many as usual.
I walked right past a bunny, so another photographer stopped me and pointed it out.
In my quest for a painted bunting I did spot a cardinal.
Ever lurking along the shore, and lots more of them out on the water in the distance.
It really is startling to be looking out at the scenery and find that someone is looking at you from 10 feet off shore.
Dragonflies are in the air, but never seem to land. So when this one landed on the path I took a picture, just because.
I wanted to see his face, so he landed on some vegetation and smiled.
A glossy ibis, sunning itself.
Wild pigs have not been common to see, and this one seems to have some babies tucked away somewhere.
This one finally lifted his head, taking a break from his snuffling.
I only saw one osprey, way off in the distance, but as usual enjoying his sushi for lunch.
I was looking around for birds and was startled when I turned to pay attention where I was walking and this raccoon was almost too close to get a shot. Much to the amusement of a couple on the path up ahead.
It seems to be a rule, when you get a chance to get a nice close up of a creature there is always a stray frond of grass waving through your shot. I tried to take it out in photo shop, but obviously I didn’t succeed.
This egret had the right of way.
This snowy egret’s eye color matches her golden slippers.
This handsome turtle seemed to be posing for me.
A tricolor heron again, but they are a favorite of mine and not seen every time I go out.
This is an example of the scenery as you look out on the lake along Alligator Alley.
According to signage this is a professional photography staging area. I hadn’t seen it before.
This is my last shot, and not the sharpest of all the shots I took but one of the few that showed any of this owl’s face at all.