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Day trippin’

I had one day free before my second covid shot with its potential side effects, so another spur of the moment trip took me over the Sunshine Skyway bridge and into new territory. Cars were parked along a quiet, ordinary looking, rural street, and it took me a moment to realize I had arrived. Not knowing how far into the woods I’d have to walk I just took my camera and my trusty 18-400, much disparaged lately but not by me, lens and started walking.

I didn’t read this until I looked at the picture in the computer. Which explains some of my confusion.
I guess I had imagined that all bees make hives, and honey. I was wrong on both counts. This is a bee hotel, evidently there should be more of them.
I love paths like this, but not necessarily when I’m alone. Or maybe I shouldn’t be binge watching Criminal Minds, since it’s got me more aware that I drift through life in my own little la la land.
And then I came to the bird blind…
Here are some photographers, ready to start shooting.
Gardens were planted near the blind, for the birds but the butterflies seemed to like them too.
I wonder what munched on this guy?
Aha, a painted bunting. I could have claimed I ‘found’ him in the wild rather than an audobon preserve, but I was just glad to see him.
And him!
And them! The all blue one is an indigo bunting, and the little brown one is the female indigo bunting.
They liked this feeder too, but I never saw the second bunting until I saw it on the computer.
There were SO many blurry pictures that I tended to work on any of my less blurry pictures. I’m sure I should have used a tripod, but they moved so quickly I probably would have resorted to hand holding the camera anyhow.
When the buntings cleared out this dove dropped by.
When you don’t see the second bird you just might cut his head off.
There were cars parked on the road when I entered the preserve, and people at the bird blind. But eventually I was alone, and when I made my way back to my car it was the only one parked on the street. And this sign had appeared. That’s when I really knew that my TV watching was affecting me.
I stopped for a couple of pictures of the bridge on the way home, but then I was on my way…

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