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Enjoying life…

I have to hand it to the lens ball. As a conversation starter it really can’t be beat. Every time I’m out with it someone comments, and I always invite them to take pictures also. And they do, because even the cell phone works like a charm with it. That’s what happened the other night. Two couples were out for the sunset together and they asked about the lens ball and then took their own pictures through it. We had a running conversation all evening, because when it was finally sunset they got to try it again. I saw them as I was leaving and felt like I was saying goodbye to friends. One man said, “Keep enjoying life”, and I’m happy to think that that’s how I came across to them. Because I do.

I’m not sure that this was the most fun shot they might have gotten as a test of the lens ball, but that’s probably the shot that they got. People do get excited when they see the image in the ball, and one gal said that she already wants one.
I thought I’d found all my people pictures from that night, but with fresh eyes this morning I found more.
I liked the sailboat, but I liked it better when the little girl walked into the shot.
Kids and flying seagulls were a theme that night. My dog Zoe would have loved running through that flock of seagulls and making them fly. When she ran though a flock of birds she meant them no harm, I know this because when it was a squirrel she was after she became a stealth, hunting, machine. One who never actually caught a squirrel, but my neighbor said that she drove the voles out of my yard and into his!
I admire people who feel free enough to dance around in the middle of a drum circle. Or anywhere. That is totally not me, you couldn’t pay me to do that, I’m too self-conscious. Which may be why I’m most comfortable holding the camera, hiding behind it so to speak.
Usually I’m late and racing for the sunrise or sunset, but that night I was early enough that they were still collecting parking fees at Pine Island, so I went to Bayport to kill a little time. That half hour delay saved me $5, and no, I don’t think I spent $5 in gas getting there and back.
Look what I saw in my rear view mirror when I went to pull out and head to Pine Island. I think I’d want to have some ruby slippers to go with it.

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