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A waterfront park and a lighthouse…

Lucky for me Charleston’s lovely waterfront park was just at the end of the block where I had found parking when I first arrived. It was very pretty out, though quite windy, but people didn’t seem to mind. I walked along the park to the pier, and I would eventually find myself traveling over the Ravenel Bridge, twice, before my tour ended that day. As I walked I took pictures of the view.

Holding the camera steady against the ‘breeze’ was a challenge.
I would have loved to sit and swing a while, but the meter was running. Parking meter.
And here you see the Pineapple Fountain, you can probably figure out how it got it’s name.
Not sure what this building houses…
The distant view as I was walking away.
Then I was back to walking on Rainbow Row..
Such a cute Froggie, I would have loved to have sat down on the bench with him and had a drink, but alas, it wasn’t 5 o’clock yet, or even noon.
These ladies at the custom House caught my eye. But I was back to the car and I decided to ask the GPS where I could find a lighthouse.
The GPS deposited me here, in a residential neighborhood with no signage, but it said I had arrived. I was on private property when took this picture through the shrubs.
And then I saw this little walkway and decided to see if it gave me a better view.
It did.
A close up.
And the beach was lovely, but the wind was picking up the sand and it wasn’t pleasant enough to stick around. Besides, I had another lighthouse to find, and I was starving, and I decided that a beer would really hit the spot!

To be continued…

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