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Folly Beach…

The next stop on my Charleston mini-tour took me to Folly Beach. After investigating the area and discovering that you must walk a path to get a view of the Morris Island lighthouse I got myself some lunch, which included having a beer, which tasted SO good after all the wind and blowing sand I’d experienced so far that day. After that I found a place to park for beach access, but the kiteboarders and their colorful kites proved too much to resist, so my first stop was the beach.

I attempted to walk onto the beach but the blowing sand was relentless and I wanted to protect the camera as well as myself. So I shot from the top of the beach access platform.
The dogs didn’t appear to mind the wind and sand, they just wanted her to throw that ball.
He is such a tiny figure in the shot if I include his kite. I wasn’t so sure that that rough surf looked like fun.
If you try hard you can see him in this shot. At one point a gust of wind blew him way up in the air, but it brought a wall of sand with it and I got a picture of a sandstorm and nothing else.
And then came the walkway. The restaurant server told me about the artwork on the path. I think you could spend a day just reading the notes and messages, but I still hadn’t seen the lighthouse.
Finally, the Morris Island light.
Driftwood on the beach proved to be the perfect foreground for some photos. I wonder if it was there just naturally.
A natural frame.
I could zoom with the lens if not with my feet.

I wonder how many more lovely things there are to see in Charleston? Guess I’ll have to go back and see…

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