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Cars and Coffee…

To say that I was out of my element on Saturday is an understatement. There has long been a weekend ‘cars and coffee’ event offered with my Florida Center for Creative Photography group, but they haven’t always been located at Tampa’s Armature Works, which had recently landed on my radar screen as someplace I might like to go. Located along the Riverwalk, it’s a place I probably would have chosen to visit if I was a tourist here, so I told myself to go, and so I did. But I only know enough about cars to know that if the insignia says Lamborghini, or Ferrari, I ought to be impressed. And those were the cars displayed on the checkered inserts on the lawn, and there was much ‘ooing’ and ‘ahing’ among the crowd. Which I heard over the roaring of the engines as, one by one, these souped up cars made the drive up the road beside the venue, revving their motors to the max while the onlookers watched the parade.

Did these cars win a prize at the show…
…or was their prominent positioning a matter of money?
This perfectly behaved dog is what started me off taking note of all the dogs at the event. I hope this dog feels more joy in his life than it appears to me in this photo, or is it’s behavior another status symbol?
Okay, it is a nice insignia.
Just now realizing that the point is the custom wrap.
Are we supposed to see a cat face?
Setting the scene a little more.

I’m not sure I was enjoying this day at this point. I was sure I was walking past all the truly notable cars and letting the flashier ones catch my attention. And then I saw this…

Okay, now I was having fun. If only the sky really was getting prettier, which is what I kept telling myself.
I think this truck is how I noticed the water taxi, which I took note of for later.
Who wouldn’t stop and look at this?
No clue what the point of the airplane was.
I learned to drive on a Chevy Bel Air that looked like this one’s poor second-cousin…
Road Runner edition…
If a photo is supposed to tell a story then feel free to create your own here…
I should have found out what this is…
I don’t know what that means either….
I heard comments about how this is definitely their girlfriend’s ride…
I wonder if you could convert this into a camper?
This is the winner in my book! A Jeepster! I would have taken this one home…
Since it doesn’t fit my current lifestyle I guess I’d have to adapt to fit the car…
I swear to you I saw this car recently on Rt. 19 and couldn’t get my phone out fast enough to get a picture. Notice the message on the license plate. “It’s a financial mistake.” The car or the paint job?

2 thoughts on “Cars and Coffee…”

  1. Some really cool wheels….but I question the Hearse remodel! You would certainly get noticed entering a campground. I can picture folks peeking out windows to see what’s up! LOL

    Liked by 2 people

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