‘Scene’ in New Hampshire…

These Canada geese are from Highland Lake. We spotted them on our third drive-by. Two little families, whose numbers are threatened by the turtles that also call the lake their home.

Yesterday we decided that Lake Sunapee might be a good choice for pictures and fun. We didn’t think about whether or not things were open for the season yet. And they weren’t open, which was why it was so quiet there. We were chased out by raindrops.

The marina was quiet.
Kathy’s favorite Wild Goose County Store wasn’t open yet.
We made a few stops as we drove, and we were lucky enough that the raindrops let up.
There are three raven’s on this hilltop, but for the life of me I couldn’t position myself to get them into the composition I was aiming for. The homeowner came out onto her porch and told us that we were welcome to come up the bank onto her property to take our pictures. That was nice, but it didn’t help. Did I notice how dramatic the clouds were? No, I didn’t. Turns out that the scene just as it presented itself was my best shot.
I climbed over the guard rail and down an embankment, and this isn’t the shot I got from there. Nope, just the shot from the overpass.
As we drove more nice views presented themselves.
Finally we arrived at Winslow State Park, where the black flies were especially happy to see us. Over the years I’d heard about the black flies that arrive at Mother’s Day and leave by Father’s Day, but I pictured large, horse-fly types. But these are tiny, and all teeth, as my friend says. The piranha’s of the insect family. They must have been hungry. We ran for our lives…