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My sister…

She was a kind and generous soul. She went the extra mile for her friends and family. Her daughter and grandchildren were the loves of her life. She is gone now, quite unexpectedly, despite a long history of health issues. She was my sister. I was in NH visiting when it happened, so I was grateful to be able to be with my niece and her family as this new reality set in. I’m back home now and settling back into my routines isn’t coming easily. It seems I just needed to say a simple goodbye to a sweet soul who asked little and gave much. She is at peace now…

4 thoughts on “My sister…”

  1. Getting back into your routines does take time after losing a sibling. Sadly, as you know, I have been there twice. Rely on family and friends to help you work through the loss. I’m too far for hugs so I guess Bernie needs to step in for me. Love you bunches!

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    1. Bernie is doing a good job. And distance and routines that never included a sibling means that you can easily put it out of your mind for a while, and then remembering is hard because you beat yourself up for forgetting.


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