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Fun and games…

I have a photography friend who is mainly interested in sports photography, so maybe that’s why I found the four young men playing ball on the beach so interesting. If anyone knows the name of the game they were playing then give me a clue. They were starting each round by bouncing the ball off the round board in the center. After that the rules were not obvious, but that didn’t spoil my fun as I took lots of photos.

Sunset at Pine Island has always been one of my favorite spots, but this time I was a little surprised to find that they were still collecting a parking fee when we got there after 7 PM. $5 for parking all day, or parking for the sunset. I shouldn’t complain since I’ve been parking there for free for four years now. But still…

We buzzed by Bayport before we went to Pine Island, and found people with professional looking camera equipment getting ready for an event. But when I asked about it I found that there was a vigil planned for a man who had been killed a few days before. I decided not to stay for their private moment…

2 thoughts on “Fun and games…”

  1. I believe that game is called Spikeball. I haven’t seen it played but my grandkids talk about playing it. They played it in their neighborhood in April.

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