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Bok Tower Gardens…

As is my unfortunate habit, I did my research on this lovely venue after the fact. That’s when I discovered that the ‘singing tower’, named for the wonderful serenade of bells that can be heard throughout the gardens, is made from pink marble and native coquina stone. And that it was designed by Frederick Law Olmstead, ‘the father of American Landscape Architecture’. His accomplishments include New York’s Central Park, plus too many more to mention. Upon arrival you see hints of the tower, and we quickly decided to head straight for it since the weather was iffy the later in the day it got.

This alligator greets you as you arrive to buy your tickets to enter.
You gaze at the tower from a distance, and it’s so very pretty. But it’s when you look at the detail in the photos that you really appreciate its beauty.
This is the clock face that was designed to cover the opening through which the glorious bells had been hoisted into place. Each of the zodiac signs are represented around the face of the clock.
But it’s the actual sundial itself that struck me. A golden snake as part of the design. What an imagination it must have taken to assemble all these parts into one whole.
More details to see.
I nearly missed the golden door, and the stone marker of the grave of Edward Bok who gave us all this gift to enjoy.
Did you spot Adam and Eve in the lower panel? I was surprised when I did.
You have to use your imagination here. When you stand on the current month you yourself cast the shadow that tells the time.

We did have to dodge some raindrops, and some serious sounding thunder claps, but for the most part the weather cooperated and we had a great day!

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