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Checking on the baby…

You do know to which baby I am referring, don’t you? Little RipLee, born to RanDee in November of last year. I wondered if he was showing some independence yet.

Still in mom’s arms but even cuter than before.
He was on his feet!
RanDee and RipLee.

But there was another fun interaction going on also. Another photographer had been to the zoo recently and had commented on how the male orangutan, Goyang, who had usually been seen keeping to himself, was now interacting with a young one. This was the behavior we also noticed at the Zoo on Thursday, and they both seemed to be having quite the time of it.

I took a lot of pictures of them wrestling but all you could see is a mound of orange fur.
I believe they are father and son.

When I could tear myself away from the orangutans I discovered that there is another new baby at the zoo.

This little Siamang Gibbon was harder to photograph than the orangutans.
He is little, but a bit more independent than RipLee.
I was excited to see him in the open for photos, but I think his coloring made the images more challenging to take and to process.

A lot of renovations are going on at Zoo Tampa, closing some of our favorite photo ops, but we did find a few more things to take note of.

The elephants were confined to one portion of their area while some renovations are going on. This elephant, however, seemed to think that he should supervise things.
Shoebill Stork.
I should know what species this is but I don’t.
I could claim to know that those grasshoppers were on the stump when I took this picture, but I’d be lying.
Imagine my surprise when I spotted this stampede of wild animals making off with unsuspecting children.

We had expected to take pictures for only an hour or two before the rains came, but they held off longer than we expected giving us a nice day.

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