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Homosassa creatures…

When you discover that your friend has never been to Homosassa Springs State Park you might just decide to spend your day-before-the-storm there. The weather was surprisingly good again, even if the storm is supposed to hit tomorrow.

About that alligator feature photo. I am assured that that is a real alligator, as opposed to a mechanical one, which is what I suspected. But so far I’m not convinced, and he isn’t talking. He did smile for his picture though, whatever he is.

The Whooping Crane was too close to the camera for a full view. He is huge, trust me, but he wasn’t whooping it up this time.
But there was some carrying on happening, but by the eagles, who were calling to each other.
Flamingos always are a favorite to shoot, but today they were especially cooperative.
I’m not sure who is who, but they look cosy.
Who has the curliest neck I wonder?
The weather was perfect, the animals were cooperative, and the views were nice too.

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