St. Edith Stein…

Maybe I’m just behind the times, but when we drove past this church I asked to double back so I could take a picture of St. Edwards church. I don’t know if my high school friends are more in the know that we were, but the night before we had learned that this church was now called St. Edith Stein. What a seemingly odd name for a Catholic church, but with the help of Google I learned her story. She was raised in a devout Jewish family but across the street from a Catholic church. She became an atheist as a teenager, and as she went on to college she became a professor, a philosopher, and achieved great notoriety as a thinker. Eventually she turned to the Catholic church and became a nun, but was sent to Auschwitz where she died at age 51, and she was canonized in 1998. A more modern example of sainthood than St. Edward who was a beloved and devout king who died in 1163. Part of me wants to object to the name change, just because I want to find things here to be just like they were when I left. Of course the name of this church is far from the only thing that has changed in the 50 something years since I lived here. Still, it’s good to be here…

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