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Fenwick Island Light…

It takes a while to catch up with yourself when you get home from a long road trip. Especially one that had so many elements of home, family, and friends for each of us. It was nice to be in Maryland again, but I really hadn’t spent much time at the beach there over the years, so in our search for the ponies at Assateague we stopped when we saw a sign for the Fenwick Island Light. I’d heard of it but hadn’t wondered much about it’s history.

I had to face facts that there wasn’t going to be a good way to get a shot of this lighthouse, and my photoshop skills wouldn’t do the trick to get rid of the power lines.
Well, if I looked straight up at it there were no power lines.

It seems that the Penns of Pennsylvania, and the Calverts of Maryland were in disagreement over the location of the actual border between their states. Three counties in Pennsylvania were in question, and they agreed to have the land surveyed and a marker was placed on the spot that was decided upon. The marker stands at the front of the lighthouse. And, surprisingly, those counties now make up Delaware.

This was placed to serve a purpose, not for its decorative value.
I had spotted these markers in Yellowstone and in the Tetons, but this is the first one I’ve seen in the east.

We weren’t allowed to climb to the top, which was fine with me. But I did enjoy this tiny space with the brick and the spiral staircase. A glimpse into the past…

2 thoughts on “Fenwick Island Light…”

  1. Never really thought about the inside of a lighthouse. Looks pretty cool! I know my friend Louise and her sisters rented a lighthouse in Rhode Island for their Mom’s birthday and spent a couple of nights there. I remember Louise talking about it for days. I’m sure something like that is on many bucket lists!

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