Got Lobstah…

Blame my cousin Kevin. He was the one who discovered this wonderful food truck, but his penchant for putting up a photo when it was too late for me to race to the location and get a lobster roll for myself has cause me no shortage of angst. Just last week he posted yet another picture of himself and his granddaughter with their cache of goodies from this place. Too late for me yet again. But this time I looked up the website and found their schedule for stops for the week and tonight I finally sampled the wares, and found them to be delicious. So thank you to Kevin. Two more New Englanders are happy tonight.

Clam chowder was good.
But the lobster roll was Devine!
And on the way home, this.
We haven’t spotted a rainbow in a long while, despite our frequent showers followed by sunshine.

Having given up on my laptop I resorted to a new iPad to replace it. Working with your photos on the iPad is supposed to be a breeze, but it will take me a while to catch on. This is a start at least.

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