Subtle sunrise…

I have sunrise/sunset envy. Other photographers in my group live closer to the beaches here in Florida, and can take photos of the sunrise and sunset practically from their backyards. I’ve wished to be closer to those great locations, and thought of the locations close to me as second rate, comparatively speaking. But I’ve come to appreciate my own area a little more since traveling around my friend’s neighborhood which has no available bodies of water to incorporate into your photos. There are lots of pretty neighborhoods with ponds, etc, but there is no ability to position myself for photos or no where to safely pull the car over because the roads are busy here. So I’ve kept my eye open for places that might allow for a view to the east or west, and today’s post is from the spot we noticed the other day. Luckily r I had dropped a pin so I could find it again in the dark this morning.

So. An open view to the east, check. But not much of interest in the foreground. And was this just a not so colorful sunrise, or is the lack of water and reflections making it seem more so?
And, much to my surprise, across the street I noticed a rookery. Egrets apparently settled in for the night. I walked across the street, all four (very quiet) lanes plus a median, and took this shot with my camera also. But this is the shot I took with my iPhone, which is a wider view with more pink clouds.
Zooming in gives the impression of more color, but really there wasn’t much color this morning.
And as the sun rose the egrets left, looking slightly pink in the light. I only counted 6 still in the trees when I drove away.

As sunrises go this wasn’t the best, not by a long shot. So for a while I guess I will continue with my sunrise/sunset envy. I have a long history of thinking ‘if only ______”, fill in the blank, then everything will be perfect. All these years later you’d think I’d have already figured out that things are pretty darned perfect already…

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