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Circle B…

The temperature was great this morning, even if the sky was cloudy while we walked the trails at Circle B Bar Reserve. It was nice to be out with the photo group again. We were hoping to be able to get together lots more often this year, but I guess we will have to wait and see.

Alligators weren’t as plentiful today.
I was tickled to see a pair of Pileated Woodpeckers while we were there. I’ve only seen them once before and not at Circle B.
Another first at ‘the B’ was an eagle that did a fly over. Thankfully another photographer was paying attention and pointed it out.
I pointed the camera up and started shooting. That I managed to get a shot, or two, was dumb luck.
The sun was trying to come out.
Great Blue Herons are always in close attendance to the trail.
Anhingas are also plentiful.
An osprey posed for a picture.

Of course we hoped to see the bobcat kittens that people have been getting photos of lately, but not today. Owls are also possible there, and we thought we heard one, but we didn’t see one. I guess that means that another trip will be in order, and soon…

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