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Lido Beach…

This is my second year in a row of meeting an old friend in Longboat Key. Such a beautiful spit of land along the Gulf of Mexico, and the view to the other side is Sarasota Bay. The day was predicted to be cloudy all day, but the sun came in and out, and I had moments of wishing that the sun would disappear behind a cloud for a minute as we sat on the beach. Followed by welcoming the sun back as the breeze chilled us. It is a lovely place to spend a winter day in Florida.

We nearly had the beach to ourselves.
Not everyone was as bundled up as we were.
As we headed to Anna Maria Island for some more shopping, and ice cream for supper as it turned out, the sky kept taking our attention. Would the clouds take over the sunset completely?
The wind was picking up…
This might be my favorite picture of the day. Statues in a yard I passed as I walked down to the beach. I took the ‘private property’ sign out of the photo. Such an adorable vignette, I trespassed, but only a little.
My friend wanted me to see this spot because if you use your imagination, and/or put on your cheaters, you can see the Sunshine Skyway Bridge just to the right of the building out on the pier. Honest, its there!
We walked out onto the pier for a better view of the bridge and found this intrepid fellow who was unperturbed by all the people on the pier. Or by me as I took his picture. Some young men saw me and told their friend that I took a picture of ‘his’ bird. “Your bird,” we asked, and discovered that he has been feeding this snowy egret since the colder water has driven the smaller fish too deep for him to catch them. We were assured that once it warms up this little guy will go back to fending for himself. Hope so.
My friend pulled over several times so that I could dash out of the car and get a picture on the way home.
The sunset wasn’t to be denied on this day…
Oh that sky!

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