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Eagles again, and sunset color…

Having failed to see the eaglets on our last trip we decided to stop and see them when we were in the area again. We were told that one of the adults had just brought a big rat back for lunch, so not much was happening, but we waited a while. One adult stayed in the shadows, but the other found a spot in the sun in a tree a little way from the nest. And one of the eaglets decided to stretch his wings, so we left there happy with out stop.

This parent was further away from the nest, but the other one was in the shadows near the nest.
One of the eaglets obliged us by popping his head up and flapping his wings.
This is a pathetic picture but what you can see is his crown of feathers developing in a row on his head. And a rather impressive wing. I was still expecting him to be yellow and downey. Silly me.

Then we headed to Dunedin again to see the sunset before we headed to meet with the photo group. Another nice day.

The color was nice. My friends have been describing the recent sunsets as ‘sherbet’ color.
Flocks of birds flew through the scene.
A sailboat sailed into the scene at the last possible moment of color.