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Painted Buntings at Merritt Island…

Ever since I first heard of Merritt Island, with it’s population of native Florida birds plus the migratory birds who stop over in the winter months, I’ve wanted to visit. What I hoped to see there varies depending on what pictures I’ve seen posted on our club’s Facebook page. In the feature photo you see a female painted bunting on the feeder at the visitor’s center at the wildlife preserve. I was disappointed to only see a female on that visit. It wasn’t until I got the pictures into the computer that I saw that the male was peeking out from the other side of the feeder. I couldn’t resist another trip to the feeders the next morning before heading home. Boy was I glad I did.

The male bunting was still feeding when we arrived about 9 AM.
I was stunned the first time I saw a photo of one of these birds. I thought it looked as if a child had dumped out all his crayons and colored him in.
The Mrs was present again the next morning.
Both of them were in several pictures, but this is the only picture in which they are both in focus.

I wish I had the energy to work on more photos tonight, but I’m just too tired. And with over 700 pictures to review I think I’ll have plenty to keep me busy tomorrow. What a fun place to visit when you have two glorious days to enjoy before a ‘cold spell’, Florida style, brings our temperatures down for the next week.

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