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Largo Central Park…

I have been saying that I wanted to go to Largo Central Park for a while now, even before I bought my electric tricycle. So off we went yesterday, only to discover that I mis-remembered the name of the park I wanted to go to. This wasn’t the park I remembered, but it was all good. This park happened to have a train meet going on. The tracks are part of the park, but the trains are privately owned and the public doesn’t get to ride, not that anyone seemed to mind. It was a beautiful setting with lots going on. I liked the statues a lot too. And I felt like one of those kids riding along on my bike, having fun.

Charming faces.
A girl and her kitty.
Puppy too.
Oh the trees.
This train was fast!
Around it went.
Raising the flag.
I loved the faces.
So fun.