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Birds do it!

We made a few stops over the last few days, just to see if any nesting was happening, and boy was it ever. There was some hanky-panky, but modestly in the bushes where I couldn’t get a picture. Just as well probably. But I did capture a few moments…

This black-crowned night heron was doing it’s thing, but out in the open instead of hidden in the greenery on the shore.
Mama duck seems to have gotten a head start on all the nest builders in the area.
those are cormorants in the tree. They also are ahead of their counterparts if you can believe the other photographers who said that they are feeding babies up in the tree.
Which came first, the cormorants or the turtles?
This egret was doing the usual egret thing.
But this egret was saying, “Look at me!”
“I feel pretty, oh so pretty.”
Perhaps she feels shy after such a public display.
A dog walker asked me what the birds she was seeing were. I identified the wood storks, egrets, and cormorants, but then she asked, “What about the pink one?” And sure enough, down in the shrubbery I saw a flash of pink, so I took a lot of pictures that didn’t turn out. But then he flew into a tree.
Could he be looking for nesting material?
Spoonies are usually wading in the shallow water and swinging their bill back and forth to find taste treats to eat.
He posed for just a little while and then flew off, out of the area.
I think Ms.Wood Stork is telling her hubby to avert his eyes!
Then they burst into song.

Just getting out for pictures is usually enough of an incentive for me. But our new bike and scooter mean we can zip around like a couple of kids, and not fall over. Though I did come close to crashing into my friend when I thought I saw an eagle. Oops…

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