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A Sunday drive…

The weatherman is promising us that we have a week of wonderful weather ahead of us. He especially stressed that Sunday was going to be the best weekend day to be outside, so we took the hint and loaded up the scooter and bike, and lunch, and headed to Wall Springs Park. Apparently all of Tampa Bay had the same idea. I had imagined us riding along side by side and chatting as we enjoyed the scenery, but that didn’t happen. There were constant walkers to dodge, and other, more serious, bikers bearing down on us, or coming up from behind and yelling, “On your left.”

The Pinellas Trail connects to the park also, 45 miles of rail trail that could potentially take you from Tarpon Springs to St. Pete, but you would have to be more energetic than we are. We did ride it a few miles though. Long enough to see neighborhoods I’d love to live in, and a surprise when I would have least expected it. There was a little stream to the right of the trail, and I saw a bird up ahead and saw that it was swishing its bill back and forth in the water before I could see what bird it was. But only one bird that I know of exhibits that behavior, so yes, it was a Spoonie! The near chaos on the trail just a few yards away didn’t seem to be a problem for him at all. We stopped for a minute to take some pictures, I was surprised that no one else seemed to take notice, but it’s a good thing we did because on the way back just a little while later he was nowhere to be seen.

Pedaling along within the park brought us to this pretty scene.
I don’t know the area well enough to know what neighborhood that might be with such pretty views.
My friend is a fisherman so we waited to see what fish this guy was reeling in. A lady fish, or so I’m told.
We stopped to enjoy our lunch at one of the pavilions in the park. We had many palm warblers for company while we ate.
I suspect that the scooter could have gone anywhere in the park, but bikes aren’t allowed on the boardwalks, so after we explored the park we decided to ride the Pinellas trail a while. Which is where we found this guy.
I have hoped to see a spoonie many times, but the thought of seeing one this day had never crossed my mind.

When we got back we charged our batteries to be ready for the next adventure, whatever that may turn out to be. You never know when a brainstorm will arrive.

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